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A number of people and organizations are needed in a community to help guarantee the success of any venture. The Covered Bridge Festival and other festivals held in Mansfield, Indiana and Parke County are dependent on the hard work and cooperation of a number of individual, businesses and organizations. In an attempt to recognize their contributions to the continued success of tourism in Parke County the following links to web sites are provided for your consideration. If you would like to exchange links to this web site or have yours added to this page please email us at . Thank you for your consideration.  Mansfield Restoration LLC management.


Mansfield Village Links.  Prime vendor space in Old Mansfield Village located in the center of the village just west of the Mansfield Covered Bridge. Several prime spots in a "Big Top Tent."   Audrey's Pumpkin Rolls was established in 1992 and became audrey's Pumpkin and Gourmet Cake Rolls in 2005. The original Pumpkin, along with other gourmet flavors make up a dessert menu that everyone can enjoy. On sale at The Mansfield Country Store during Covered Bridge Festival and other Old Mansfield Village summer festivals.

Other Parke County Links.

Where to visit and stay during your visit to Mansfield.

Friends and Neighbors in Parke County.  The Dream Weavers can be found at this site. They are a Parke County business which provides Party Entertainment and Event Planning Services for events of all kinds. They can also be found at Mansfield providing music and other services during the monthly festivals held in the village.  The Old Bargain Barn was established by the Dream Weavers to help provide free or very low cost entertainment to carious community and children's charities all over the county. Visit them to find unique gift and nostaligic items.


Arts, Crafts and Other Vendors at Mansfield Restoration LLC.  Name Chains are a unique way to display the names of your favorite persons. Many options are available to make each one a unique gift. Sold at the Mansfield Civic Center during the Covered Bridge Festival and available by mail from the web site. Visit the web site for information.

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