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As an added value for our 2020  Mansfield Covered Bridge Festival vendors we are posting a business logo (business card) on this web page with a live link to the vendor's web page. This will help current vendors with exposure of a future event and also provide new vendors with exposure of the location of their site for the 2018 Covered Bridge Festival. Vendors will be asked to provide a current business card or image of their logo. The property will be identified and a link to a Mansfield Map is provided for the convenience of interested individuals seeking to find a particular vendor. A live link will be established which will refer interested individuals directly to the web site link for those wanting additional information. No record for the number of  interested individuals  or identification of visitors will be maintained by this site. Vendors will be asked to sign a release for their information to appear on this site. The information will be updated for each year.

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Properties providing this value added service.



Mansfield Guest Inn

Mansfield Terrace

Mansfield Country Store    

Mansfield Folk Art Village

Mansfield Folk Art Gallery  




Mansfield Restoration-Food Court  

Tinker's Acres

Mansfield Civic Center


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Type of Vendor: Food-Smoked Barbeque Meats

Location:       Mansfield Food Court



Type of Vendor: Food-Baked Idaho and Sweet Potatoes

Location:       Mansfield Food Court-Potato Company



Type of Vendor:   Vendor Services-Camping

Location:         Tinker's Acres



Type of Vendor:   Food-Pumpkin and Gourmet Cake Rolls

Location:         Mansfield Terrace



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