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Room rates will vary with the season and with the activities in Mansfield and Parke County. You are encouraged to make reservations early to help ensure availability. 812.877.9831

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There are five guest rooms in the Mansfield Guest Inn. Two of them  may also be configured as a suite. It is called the Daniels Suite in honor of the father of covered bridge building in Parke County. The rooms in the Daniels Suite are the J. J. Daniels room, and the Clarissa Daniel's room named for his wife.

The other three rooms in the Inn are called the Covered Bridge Room, the Big Raccoon Creek Room and the Indiana Black Walnut Room. Two of the rooms, J. J. Daniels and the Indiana Black Walnut rooms,  offer private baths, and the remaining three share a large bathroom during periods of full occupancy.

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During less busy times three rooms would have private baths. The Daniel's suite has two large bedrooms and one bathroom when configured as a suite.

The J. J Daniels Room and the Indiana Black Walnut Room rents for $65 plus applicable taxes during normal periods. The remaining three rooms rent for $55 plus applicable taxes. All rooms are double occupancy. Additional guests are $15 including children.  Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult at all time.

Room rates include a  complimentary breakfast of Mansfield Mud Coffee and other beverages, bagels, cold cereal, muffins, fresh fruit and surprises. Special arrangement are possible for catering for larger groups.

During special events such as the Covered Bridge Festival and during the Monthly Festivals held in Mansfield and other Parke County venues the rates are changed to reflect demand. Please call to receive rates and availability.


We look forward to serving your vacation and travel needs in a magical and beautiful setting. Come and rejuvenate yourself and visit the many sites in Parke County.