2020 Mansfield Covered Bridge Festival



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Old Mansfield Village

In Parke County, Indiana

Covered Bridge Festival

October 9 -18, 2020

Mansfield Covered Bridge






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Old Mansfield Village

2020  October Bridge Festival

October 9-18, 2020


Old Mansfield Village was designated to describe a number of vendor space properties located adjacent to the historic Mansfield Covered Bridge. These properties include:


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Mansfield Food Court

Mansfield Civic Center

Mansfield Guest Inn

Mansfield Country Store

Mansfield Creekside Park

Mansfield Folk Art Village

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There are approximately 225 vendor spaces available in the Old Mansfield Village properties for the annual Covered Bridge Festival held for 10 days beginning the first full weekend of October. It is estimated that nearly 2 million guests attend the Covered Bridge Festival. Most vistors to the Festival use the Covered Bridge to visit vendors on both sides of the Big Raccoon Creek. There are several venues in Parke County but Mansfield is by far the largest venue. Check out the Aerial Views option in the index to the left.


The information provided on this website will assist potential vendors find important information to assist in their decision regarding the Covered Bridge Festival. Be sure to check out the GPS Location of Mansfield because most GPS instruments do not include the Mansfield location. A quick read of The Mansfield Story will provide a historical perspective of the hamlet.


The vendor sites at Mansfield, Indiana are provided by a number of land owners. It is necessary for vendors to make arrangements with the individual owner or their representative to secure sites for the Covered Bridge Festival. The sites described in this site are located in an area called Old Mansfield Village which is located in the center of the historic hamlet of Mansfield. Our aerial views will help orient you to our locations. Please keep in mind, each owner sets their own rental fee structure and selects vendors and decides what merchandise is acceptable for display.


Don't wait until the Covered Bridge Festival to visit Mansfield. There are several locations in Parke County to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of western Indiana.



Scooters- west side of Raccoon Creek

(wheelchairs & wagons)  for Disabled Persons

Battery powered scooters are available for rent near Indiana 59 south entrance yellow parking lot. Discount for veterans.

Call for information.






Scooters - East side of Raccoon Creek.

 Jim's Parking offers scooters for the disabled immediately adjacent to the biggest parking area.  Call Randy's Mobility Rental at 407-492-2321 for more information.