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Mansfield Restoration, LLC., located in the very center of   the Old Mansfield Village, was founded in 2003 to manage and to develop several properties that lease prime vendor space for the Covered Bridge Festival in the beautiful and historic Old  Mansfield Village, Indiana. The properties are adjacent to the  west entrance of the Mansfield Covered Bridge. Vendors who lease spaces at the annual Covered Bridge Festival in Parke county and for other events planned for the historic and rustic community are encouraged to lease our prime vendor spaces to use for food, crafts, fine art and manufactured product concessions. The Mansfield Restoration staff will also help develop and promote annual  events dedicated to the preservation of the frontier Covered Bridge  town  feeling of Mansfield. The historic roller mill was built in 1819 and is maintained by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources as a historic site  is open to the public during the summer months and during the famous annual Covered Bridge Festival held for 10 days beginning with the second weekend each  October. Quality and established owners of concessions booths and vendors for the annual Covered Bridge Festival are encouraged to consider the properties at the very center of the historic village adjacent to the covered bridge. It has been estimated that over 2 million visitors visit Mansfield and Parke County during the Covered Bridge Festival. The old village of Mansfield is located on Indiana 59 about half-way between Interstate 70 and Interstate 74 only 50 miles west of Indianapolis. The properties include vendor spaces for food, crafts, arts and quality manufactured goods. Please click on the drawing to see the vendor locations in detail and for applications for vendor spaces. In addition to the four properties, a scenic park and Creekside Walk adjacent to the Big Raccoon Creek is maintained for use by visitors to the Covered Bridge Festival. Included in this park are picnic seating and public restrooms for the comfort and convenience of the thousands of visitors to the Covered Bridge Festival in Old Mansfield Village,  Parke County, Indiana.


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Parke County TML Policy

Parke County works in conjunction with state and federal authorities to fight counterfeiting. Any vendors found to be selling counterfeit or stolen merchandise will have their permit(s) revoked and will be barred from future Parke County festivals. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security will determine criminal violations under Title 18 United States Code, Section 2320 Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods and Services.



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2024 Covered Bridge Festival

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Covered Bridge Festival
Oct 10 - 20, 2024
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